Green light for the dreams


One of the longest (and best!) days in my life.

Getting up from these comfy Marriott beds was a tough task. Thankfully, a neverending trip in an elevator came to an end and we found ourselves in the lobby, right next to the hotel Starbucks, ordering the fuel thingy. After we got counted and turned out to be a 46-tish group (should be 45), we took off for the Printing Office of Benjamin Franklin and the place where his mansion would stand. I was really surprised with all those facts, Benjamin’s history, his life paths and the way papers were being printed, or even the US Constitution.  This is so distant from the technology we are used to these days, and definitely fascinating – in many ways. We all bought copies of the printings such as the US Constitution. Then, we got our deal of Philadelphia free time – lunch time! Five Guys, H&M, and heading back to the Independence Hall.

This is going to be very British, yet the weather… it is just being perfect here. Slight wind, quite warm, yet not boiling hot, no bugs (YESS!). Plus, I am in love with Philadelphia because of its architecture, buildings, the way streets are when you just look up, the fact that it is hard to grasp the summit of some skyscrapes… I would be willing to pay to see the view from one of the offices up there. Not to mention there are some downtown apartments. The idea of living in this international centre of culture is giving me gooseskin. Still, I would be afraid to walk these streets alone at night, even in the richest district, where there is supposed to be safety and kindness. You cannot just ban people from coming to public places, so I guess it’s just the way it is.

I was culturally enriched after museum tours. Me and Amy followed Sarah, Len and Nathan to a bookstore and record shop. I just wanted to buy half of it… But I realized my luggage is limited to 23 kg :( We also had a souvenir shops tour (thanks to me) and Len took us to Marshalls. My jaw kinda dropped when I saw the brand things being three times cheaper than in Europe. Crazy, people. Just crazy. We, Europeans, may seem going bananas running around the city and purchasing random make up, clothing and multimedia devices, yet watch out, ‘Muricans – please visit our countries, spend a month there paying for a living, and we can discuss the thing through.

Having dropped our baggs at the hotel, Ruya, Emma and me went for a Steve’s Burger hunt; the waiters were exceptionally nice and the town speciality, cheesesteaks turned out great. Not the kind of taste I would usually go for but very American. The next stop was LOVE Park with fountain so we chilled there a bit and made our way to the hotel to check in with the mentors earlier and go swimming! Jacuzzi, Philly view from the window, night city skies, BFTF fellows – what else could you possibly want from life? It’s heaven already.


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